Here at The Underground Treehouse Recording Studio, we offer a wide range of services for writers and artists of all kinds.  


We can provide: 

  • Digital Studio Recording with unlimited tracks
  • Engineer included with every session
  • Mobile Recording System for live or on-site tracking
  • Rehearsal or Performance tracks made in whole or in part, in any style or genre of music
  • Horn Charts  
  • Choral Arrangements
  • Concert or Marching Band Arrangements
  • Instruments or Vocals added to your songs as needed

We also have access to a broad range of instruments and gear for your session.  If you need it, we can get it. 



Whether you are a rock band, a solo pop artist, a country singer, or a folk duo, we can produce a recording that perfectly conveys your song and gives you a signature sound.  We are musicians first, so our production will always keep artistry at the forefront.