Chris Folsom is our in-house arranger.  With a degree in music from Valdosta State University, he has the skill set to put your musical ideas to print.  He has been arranging music for a wide variety of groups for over twenty years.  Some of his experiences include:

  • Arranged Marching Band shows for 15 years
  • Arranges Horn charts for groups around the city of Nashville
  • Arranges Show Choir songs, including all necessary band and vocal parts and rehearsal Trax
  • Writes Chord Charts for combos and worship bands
  • Writes Lead Sheets for studio clients
  • Fluent in music theory as well as the Nashville Number System


If your group needs a song put to paper, we can do it.  From Lead Sheets to Full Orchestration, we can get your ensemble on its way.

See our Rates page for pricing.