The Studio

The Underground Treehouse offers state of the art technology coupled with the musical sensitivity of engineers that are gifted musicians themselves.  Artists and technology are brought together in a manner that is of the highest standard, while also affordable.


The Approach

Each project we work on is treated as the one and only thing.  At The Underground Treehouse, we never settle for good.  The question is always, "What can be done to make it better?".

No matter what your plans are for your recording, any and every recording done at The Underground Treehouse is approached with the goal of capturing the very best musical moments and preserving them in the context of a recording the you will always be proud of. 


The Personnel

Chris Folsom and David Hall have been playing music and recording together since 1991. Chris has a degree in Music Education from Valdosta State University and has been a part of the music scene in Nashville since 1994.  David has been instrumental in live sound production for many, many major acts over the years and has traveled as a guitar tech for some of Nashville's premier artists.

They opened the studio together in 2002 and are committed to growing as artists, producers, and engineers for the rest of their lives.  They are also committed to applying their knowledge of musicianship to every project that flows through The Underground Treehouse recording studio.